Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Family

I have lot's of people in my family. I have my Mum and Dad and my sister Sarah. Mummy likes to sew, knit and do the housework. Daddy just sits on the stool and types on the computer. Sarah likes to make a mess with Hannah my cousin. I like to play with my Lego and I like to play on the xbox 360. I like to play on the computer on Zoo Tycoon 2. Which is a game where you make your own Zoo. You can set up your own cage, put in the animals and put keepers in to take care of the animals. That's all for today.


Mr N in WA said...

Hi James
Your Dad's job sounds very interesting, wish I could have a job like that. You're doing a great job with you blog.
Mr N in WA

Margaret said...

Hi James I popped over from your Mum's blog. I watched the A.F.L. pre finals parade and was standing about 4 feet away from Adam Cooney and at some times even closer when he was signing his autograph on peoples jumpers. Would you like me to send you some of his photos ? Ask Mum and Dad first.

Rachel Nightingale from WA said...

Hi james, Having your own blog looks like fun. I should beg mum if i can have one. You are doing a very good job with it :)